10th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival

The Anarko Art Lab in celebrating the 10th year of the NYC Anarchist Art Festival, to be held in conjunction with the 10th NYC Anarchist BookFair ---------------------------------JUDSON MEMORIAL CHURCH ----- Friday, April 15, 2016 FROM 9pm TO 5am

This year’s Anarchist Arts Festival concept is OUTLAW ART, works that promote critical analysis and proposals for revolution:- transgressor (violate any kind of law, command or moral code) disrupting art - guerrilla art - activist art - union, mutual aid (artistic strategy) to disrupt the mainstream art world- how to use art to advocate social change - subvert art history or contra-history proposals - idealize and conceive collective action, occupation - refugees welcome, no border - …among others

The Anarko Art Lab is a collective of new-media, visual artists, performers, musicians, dancers, poets, activists and genre benders originated in a residence at The Living Theatre 10 years ago. The group is fluid and has had several participants from multiple corners of the world, ethnicities, genders and spirits throughout these 10 years. All participants should be committed to the principles of Anarchy, like self-determination, building relationships on trust, solidarity, the liberation of desire and freedom of control among others.  

The Anarchist Arts Festival proposes the creation of a CONCEPT that becomes a LIVE, collaborative, multi-media art experience, immersive and participatory, where there is no formal separation or hierarchy between artists and audience. We are a community exchanging and experimenting with ideas about art, equality, collectivity and anarchy in action.



1. Non grata (Estonia)




2. Alex Villar (Brazil)


Breaking into business




3. Marko Markovcz (Serbia)








4. Daniel McNeil (USA) In memoriam

https://soundcloud.com/daniel-mcneil http://www.axinite.org/

Performances by Jon Williams and Brian Hersey




5. Vlad (Russia

Guerrilla Projection Art

Augmentation of existing space to recontextualize existing cultural symbols.



6. Ursula (Switzerland)


From Skin to Skin

A poem to the skin. An image distorted in space and time - visceral, spatial, dynamic, subtle, fragile, poetic. Blades of grass crawling along a wall into a corner, a single line lingering, seemingly floating patches of light - Ursula Scherrer will envelope the space and her own body with her projections like the skin folds around the flesh. Nao Nishihara is vibrating the space inside and outside of your skin with electric sounds.




7. Kalan (USA)


is an anti-installation fresh from the slavering mouth of the void. a migratory pop-up bermuda triangle of semiotics. reality with its skin peeled off and sewn back on inside out. what does any of this even mean. (insane tentacles of congealing sexuality groping through a subtle fen of doom-lust, hope squeezed from its utterance, bloated and obscened by language and interpretation. nothing comes/nothing goes. shatter the cosmos into shards of antimatter and mammalian lies. forget to begin.) *if you think you may not be invited, you are not invited. otherwise, fuck you, let's go, bring the noise. everyone in the world cum simultaneously. negate every sensation.




8. Nao Nishihara (Japan)

Sound Performance

Through my performance, I want to connect the ideas of soundart and street performances. On the soundart aspect, I want to open your ears fully using physical characters of sound and music. At the same time, I try to show the notion of my body. During my performance, I put a drum on my back. To beat the drum by my foot through the string, I look like dancing even though I am not intend to dance. I think I can say that the drum is making me dancing. In this point, I want to think where is my controlling system? who is the boss of my body? Besides, I am influenced by traditional musicians and musics on the street, both in the way of their way of life in their society and in the way of the beautiful music. All of them are some kind of out-siders who consequently supported the society from out side of the law. And they are professional musicians who are totally independent of anything, the only way they to improve their lives is to improve their music. In this way, their music is beautiful.





9. John Loggia  and Grady Gerbracht (USA)


John Loggia  and Grady Gerbracht have been playing together for over 10 years in an asymmetric synesthetic polychomatone

spontaneous ensemble of various configurations of experiential artists, dancers and musicians.  




10. Simone Couto (Brazil)


Darkness Visible—The Eyjafjallajökull Project

Whether a personal or a universal reading is made, the land covered by ashes after the catastrophe could be observed as a desolated

and dead landscape, but also -and that's what the artist found out and tries to emphasize-as a tabula rasa

where multiple re-beginnings are just arising.

Darkness Visible is an experience of confrontation to the difficulties, in both physical and psychological ways.




11. Marianna Olinger (Brasil)




12. Keren Moscovitch  (EUA/Israel) Jackie + Tina (USA)


The Space Between Us is the next installment of a series of performed actions exploring the energy generated in intimate exchange. Keren Moscovitch with Jackie+Tina will use a series of handmade cannulas — objects referencing the medical apparatus for moving fluid and data in and out of the body — to mediate the space between them



13. Fabricio de Oliveira (Brasil)


Dessert Time: Antropofogy, Provocation, Shock and what blend the difference? The dessert.



14. (Brasil)




15- Katherine Liberovskaya with David Watson.

"Rake" (2015) a hypnotizing projection loop by Liberovskaya of an extreme close-up of of the boundary between sand and water through
the tines of a rake. The raked sand forms constantly changing organic shapes endlessly rising from the ground and crumbling while different bodies (shells, small jelly fish, stones…) get caught and released in the path of the rake's progresses (created during a residency at iii/Studio Loos,  Den Haag, Holland).

With the live mesmerizing drone music of David Watson on bagpipes.



16. Adriana Varella (Brasil)


cracks in civilized landscapes / = revolutionary process of desecration patriarchal Architecture




17-The Living theater

Brad (living theater)






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